Health Screenings

Health screenings are in compliance with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  These annual screenings are initial health screenings.  Parents/guardians are notified when a student does not meet the passing criteria, and are advised to seek further medical evaluation.
  In accordance with M.G.L. c71 s57, students will be given a vision screening in grades 4 and 5.  Each child who fails this screening will be retested, usually in approximately 2 weeks.  Parents will be notified in writing after the second failure with referral for appropriate follow-up. Vision screening will be started in late September and continue until approximately mid- November.
     Since April 1980, M.G.L. c71 s57 requires all public school systems in the Commonwealth to provide postural screening to all students in grades 5-9.  If a parent or guardian refuses to have postural screening by the school, written documentation provided by the family physician must be submitted to the school nurse.  The physical Education teachers conduct the screening.  If any child is found to have a defect, the nurse will conduct the rescreening.  Parents will be notified in writing for appropriate follow-up.
     In accordance with guidelines of the Department of Public Health, students In grade 4 will be measured for height and weight and the students BMI will be calculated.  These results will be reported in writing directly and confidentially to a parent or guardian.  Every effort will be made to protect the privacy of the student during the screening process.  Parent/guardian will be given the opportunity to waive their child’s BMI screening at school by submitting a written request.  BMI screening will be started late September and continue until all 4th graders are completed.